Your trusted advisor on Market-Entry & Expansion, Corporate Restructuring, Finance & Accounting Services in India. With our consulting services, we protect your interest as a shareholder.

M+V Consulting Team

Maier+Vidorno paves the way for your market entry and growth in India. We offer business strategy consulting services tailored to India and its market. Besides, we also implement best practices from our experience with foreign companies’ market-entry and market expansion in India. Furthermore, we offer diagnostics and due diligence for Indian businesses as well as accounting, market research, and analysis.

Market Research
Information is power: Market intelligence in India is essential for understanding your potential consumer base. Besides, it also helps in learning about your competitors and getting the right information to make investment decisions. Learn more…

Market Entry & Expansion
Whether you are entering India’s markets for the first time or working out how to grow your existing business M+V can help you because we know what it takes to be successful in India. Learn more…

Strategy & Business Plan
To make the right decisions you need to determine what the benefits, liabilities, risks, and opportunities are. We have practical experience helping hundreds of international companies. Learn more…

Joint Venture and Merger & Acquisition
Finding the right Indian company to work with or buy is much easier if you have a trusted advisor. Especially the one who really understands India’s companies and markets. Learn more…

Operational Efficiency
Your company’s productivity, and ultimately its profitability depends on everyone working up to their full potential. Therefore, make sure all your operations help sell your products & don’t hold you back. These range from HR, Finance, Compliance, Warehousing to After Sales. Learn more…

Corporate Restructuring
When your business in India is not performing and your sales are not growing, you need an expert. The one whom you can trust and who can help you identify what is really wrong and help improve it. Learn more…

What makes M+V Consulting so special?

Maier+Vidorno developed vast skills as a consultancy company in India in the last 17 years. This is in parallel with directly handling millions of commercial and operational transactions for foreign companies in India. Practical experience for pragmatic consulting solutions – a priceless competitive advantage for our customers in India: We not only consult with you on how to handle your strategic growth, but we develop and implement practical solutions.

We know what works and what does not – you can benefit from our experience. How can we support your business in India? Contact us for a first consultation!

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