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Hire an expert in India to get your business back on track

Whether you are a new entrant into India or an established company India, from time to time you may need external help to achieve the organisational goals. Our experience of working with foreign businesses and the issues they face in India has given us immense hands-on knowledge on what is required to help them sell successfully in India.

When would you need an interim manager?

Critical Project / Crisis Management

Org. Structuring / Re-structuring

Unexpected Exit / Firing

Post-merger Integrations

Under-performing Teams

Stalled Growth / Financial Losses

Our Interim Management Experts can assist your growth on urgent short-term basis for a specific role, specific project, or a specific objective and overcome unexpected business challenges and ease out any roadblocks for current & future business.

Our experts will not only drive your projects and fix your organisational issues, but will assist your internal management with a smooth hand-over to ensure sustainability.

Not sure where the Issues lie? We have specialists in all aspects of doing business who can conduct a due diligence to help you identify & rectify issue(s) affecting the growth potential of your business.

Why Choose M+V Consultants for Interim Management?

M+V has first-hand experience in supporting 1200+ enter the Indian market and grow to successful businesses. We have internal experts who assist several foreign companies across all business functions in India – Finance, Human Resource, Legal Compliance, Order Management, Import & Export, ERP & IT. Maintaining strict confidentiality and protection of intellectual property rights is our virtue.

For more details on Interim Management services, contact our experienced Team!