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Challenges & Opportunities of Make in India

M+V supports you through all the phases needed to Set Up Your Factory in India.
Our Company’s typical scope of work when setting up a Manufacturing Unit in India:
Location Search

  • Macro (Country): Analysis / Shortlisting of suitable states and regions
  • Micro (State):

Infrastructure / Surroundings (Utilities, Transport, Social, Supplier, Industries) Availability of Human Resources (Blue Collar, White Collar, Management, Attrition) Cost (Land, Utilities, Human Resources) Proximity (Customers, Suppliers) Political stability Ease of doing business / manufacturing operations

Land Acquisition

  • Shortlisting of suitable plots
  • Assessment matrix of identified plots
  • Coordination of Due Diligence of top priority plots with third parties (Legal, Geo-Technical, Environmental)
  • Negotiations & Buying / leasing of land
  • Pre-construction Phase

    Preparation of Master Schedule for the project
    Identification and selection of Architect
    Identification of civil contractors and other major vendors
    Tender preparation and finalization

  • Construction Phase – Project Monitoring & Control

    Monitoring/co-ordination of the construction process
    SOPs: Standard Operating Procedures for various activities on site and off site
    Continuous project audit

  • Registrations, Approvals & Licenses

    Clearances for construction, water supply, power, etc.
    Clearance from the Pollution Control Board & EIA (if required)
    Factory License, other statutory licenses for commencing the production

  • Post-Construction Phase

    Project completion and inspection
    Project Sign-off & Audit
    Project Handover
Preparation of project budget & cash flow planning Monitoring of project expenses and budget variances

  • Accounting

Ordering of building material, machines, equipment Evaluation / Checking of purchases Accounting of transactions & Running bill management Release of payments to vendors after approval and as per the agreed terms & conditions of the order Tax Compliance (GST, customs, etc.)
Setting up in India provides an opportunity to adapt product lines to provide products that fit with the very price sensitive Indian market that can then be more competitive in other developing markets. India provides one of the few locations in the world with the combination of scientific and engineering expertise and test conditions for product development and marketability in the world – a reason why many large companies have R&D facilities here. M+V works with partners to help clients review and enhance their products and adjust the marketing and re-engineer process – both human and mechanical to make the most of Make in India.

  • Product & Process issues

Product Adaptation Process Re-engineering
What makes M+V Manufacturing Set Up so special?

Ensuring holistic project management

To begin with, M+V has the unique knowledge and skill to provide an experienced team that can manage all aspects of setting up the factory – both technical and commercial. Moreover, we have the local knowledge to identify suitable locations and buy land, to help clients plan accurately and to ensure that all the approvals and registrations are completed satisfactorily – including all the clearances from different agencies to build and operate a factory. Also, our company helps you in finding the right kind of architects, PMCs, contractors and vendors as well as coordinate between agencies working on the project. In addition, M+V acts as an on-site construction manager for foreign companies to coordinate with all the authorities, contractors, suppliers, etc. Besides, our company takes responsibility for the entire administrative / commercial management (finance / accounting / compliance) of the project.

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