Five ways in which European car brands can succeed in India (and what they shouldn’t do!)

Sudhir Rao is one of the most successful managing directors in the Indian car industry. While Western car giants, such as GM and Harley Davidson, had to throw in the towel on their India [...]

3 Reasons Why Companies Should Keep An Eye On India In 2021

Growth is slowing down in the EU, the US and China are busy with each other and Dutch companies are struggling with enormous personnel shortages, especially ICT and technical people. Time to look across [...]

Fokker Elmo benefits from factory in India: “Our personnel in India is higher educated and cheaper than in China”

The Fokker Elmo's factory in China is at a standstill due to the coronavirus. However, the Indian factory of the Dutch manufacturer of cabling systems for aircraft continues to operate. A few years ago, [...]

What on earth should my company do in India?

When working in India, foreign companies quickly think of three things: poverty, bureaucracy and corruption. But this simple ABC is no longer applicable to the country. This is because, according to the World Economic [...]

Joint venture in India: This is how you do it

Starting with a partner can be smart in a country like India. The fast growing Indian economy offers opportunities for companies in every sector and industry. Still, to succeed in India, you have to [...]

The Hague traffic technology company ARS T & tT manages traffic in India in the right direction

ARS Traffic & Transport Technology from The Hague is a leading market player in technological traffic solutions. It has opened a branch in India twenty years ago to develop software. Furthermore, the company now [...]

The Most Important Taxes In India: This You Should Know About The Goods And Services Tax (GST)

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) is the Indian version of VAT. Every entrepreneur has to deal with it. The purpose of introducing GST in 2017 was to make the complex, existing tax system in the [...]

Interview With KPN (Dutch Telecom Company) Manager in India

Our man in India - KPN manager Jasper Fortune 'I don't want socially accepted answers, I want an honest opinion'. KPN has been in India for nine years. The telecom company there works with [...]

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