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To be competitive, every business needs to boost their operational efficiency wherever possible.

OurΒ expertsΒ identify inefficiencies across your India operations. We give you real and practical advice on how to fix problems and improve your systems & business efficiency.

Financial Consulting

Practical financial advice for foreign companies

WeΒ  analyze your finances and accounts to ensure compliance and control and optimize financial efficiency. See how to improve your financial performance, reduce costs and support your key business drivers.

HR Consulting

Know, understand and manage your Indian team

We advise you on the best structure for your teams & the talents you need to recruit, benchmark compensations to industry standards and investigate & resolve people management issues – to ensure your employees perform to their full potential.Β Read more…

Supply Chain Consulting

Efficient and compliant logistics

Supply Chain Management is critical for business efficiency – from purchase, sale, and inventory, order management to compliance, taxation and transportation of goods. Our experts help you analyze the complete β€˜value chain’ to increase overall efficiency in savings, product pricing and seamless β€˜compliant’ flow of goods and documents.

Legal Compliance Consulting

Ensure Your Companies’ Compliance

Different legal entities require different compliances and documentation & procedures have to be followed with caution. The responsibility of legal compliance lies with the Board of Directors and non-compliance is connected with legal consequences. We advise you and manage all the compliance needs of your company in India.

What makes M+V Operational Efficiency Consulting so special?
Maier+Vidorno’s Consulting team finds solutions to ensure you have efficient operational systems in India. M+V manages the operations for our internationalΒ OutsourcingΒ customers over long periods, and we have consulted foreign companies doing business in India for almost 20 years so our experts really can identify every way for your company to operate more efficiently in India. For more details on Operational Consulting in India,Β contactΒ us!