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Sourcing from India

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Challenges & Opportunities of Made in India

M+V supports you through all the phases needed for sourcing from India.

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Our Company’s typical scope of work when identifying and setting up a Sourcing Partners in India:

Infrastructure / Surroundings (Power supply, Logistic for Export, Social competence);  Factory Equipment (Machine Tools);  Availability of Human Resources (Blue Collar, White Collar, Management, Attrition); Cost (Utilities, Human Resources); Proximity of Suppliers Political stability; Ease of doing business/manufacturing operations

  • Expertise in that industry sector
  • Ownership/Management
  • Quality systems in Place
  • Production output Month/year
  • Logistic Experience (Packaging, Container loading,..)
  • Export experience
  • Signing of NDA
  • Supply of Drawings
  • Expected price indication
  • Video conference to explain the special requirements
  • Monitoring/co-ordination of the offering process
  • After price indications, getting samples
  • Quality check of samples in India
  • Samples send to Germany for evaluation
  • Quality checks of the first badge
  • Follow up for Delivery dates and logistic follow up
  • Support for Export/Import if required
  • Order follow up
  • Quality checks as defined by the purchaser
  • Periodic company visits of our staff
  • Delivery dates follow up
  • Export/Import support on request
Value Added Services

Sourcing from India provides an opportunity to add a new country in the supply chain which offers a wide range of products/components at competitive price and world class quality. India is one of the few locations in the world with the combination of scientific and engineering expertise and test conditions for product development and manufacturing in the world – a reason why many large companies have R&D & production facilities here. M+V works with partners to find for our clients the reliable partners with attractive prices and high quality.  Made in India for German clients.

What makes M+V Sourcing from India so special?

Ensuring holistic project management

To begin with, M+V has the unique knowledge and skill to provide an experienced team that can manage all aspects of setting up sourcing – both technical and commercial. Moreover, we have the local knowledge to identify suitable suppliers, to help clients to find the best and most reliable partners and to ensure that all the client’s requirements are completely met. In addition, M+V in India acts during the evaluation process, the contract negotiations and the supply chain as your partner to ensure a smooth decision process and well as delivery execution.

For more details on Sourcing Services in India, contact our experienced Team!

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