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For  successful market entry in India,you need answers to a lot of questions. Most importantly, who are your customers, and how can you find them? Followed by what is the best investment strategy for your company? And are you better with your own setup or should you find an Indian company to partner with, merge with or acquire? Do you understand what sort of set up you need? And how can you find the right partner? Then you need to know how you should structure your teams and distribution network to reach your potential customers? Only with answers to all these questions can you make the right decisions.

Market Entry Services
I want to start or expand my India business…M+V can help me with each step

Business Incubator

M+V offers a unique market entry method – Principal to Principal. We have the ideal solution for early investments. This solution is perfect for companies who are looking for a way to sell in India that is low-risk, cost-effective and simple.

Case Studies

Differences In The Way Of Doing Business Between Indian States


Change is inevitable. Growth is optional” – John C. Maxwell

Selling your products in India needs the right people in the right place. Also, it would help if you kept an eye on your team through sales performance reporting and regular management reviews. It would also be useful to know whether manufacturing in India will make sense for you. Therefore it would help to consider all the possible options to manufacture or assemble locally. Making in India can also help with other developing markets.

M+V can help you with every one of these decisions! Click on any of the boxes below to learn more about how we can help you.

Getting ready for India

Deciding how to Enter or Expand

Buy a Company (M&A)
Enter into Partnership (Joint Venture)
Wholly Owned Subsidiary (Private Limited)

Shareholder Support

What makes M+V’s Investment Options services so special?

Maier+Vidorno is the only company to offer a 360° solution. Our services help all international companies that want to Enter & Expand in India. Firstly, we have a complete portfolio of business services that solve real problems. Secondly, we combine strategic know-how with practical operational services. Thirdly, you can use all our services separately or mix and match as you need. Secure the success of your business in India with our support.