India has many advantages as a manufacturing hub for companies worldwide. The country has low-costs in manufacturing, relatively cheap land and labour, ever-improving infrastructure and favourable business policies. Furthermore, there are reduced corporate tax rates and government support.

Are you considering setting up an international Production location in India?

Together With India Connected  we have guided more than 200 Dutch companies to the Indian market in recent years. Everything you should consider when finding the right location & successful strategies for setting up a production site in India.

Why talk with us?

  • What are the most successful strategies for setting up a production site in India?
  • What are The benefits of producing in India?
  • What are The most common risks and mistakes when setting up a production location in India?
  • How to find Location and land?
  • How to manage Logistics and quality control?

Who is this for?

  • Companies that already produce in China or other Asian countries.
  • Companies that want to set up an international production location within 3 years.
  • Companies that already sell in India want to become more competitive
  • CEOs, CFOs, and COOs will address the content of the webinar

When: Wednesday, September 16 2020


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