Understanding Indian Markets

//Understanding Indian Markets


India’s GDP growth rate has been among the fastest in the world in the last few years, but there are great differences in growth between industries and states. Also, some parts of India’s markets are hungry for imported products and in others, there is either not enough business or the price outweighs the costs for international businesses.

Understanding where your market is and how best to service it is critical to the success of any foreign company. But doing your market potential analysis can be hard as much of the data is not available online because the government statistics are incomplete, information has not been uploaded and also because many players in the market are unwilling to share their intelligence for fear of the competition.  This can make understanding India’s markets difficult – but it is still critical to do the industry analysis.

M+V’s Market Entry & Expansion experts support clients to enter and expand in India.  As part of this we speak at business events on India and Indian Markets throughout the year and all over the world. We have collected together some of the most commonly asked questions about India’s markets and how to succeed in them.  If you don’t see your question answered, please write to us and we will try to answer it for you!

What is the buying power in India for b2c products/services?

What percentage of population have the buying power in India (income consumption capacity) to realistically be considered serious prospects for b2c products/services? Updated in March 2019 Buying power in India really depends on your industry and products and how much of India’s massive population is really in your market [...]


How do I find out the size of my potential Indian market?

How to determine my potential Indian market size? India’s market with a population of over 1.3 billion is vast and difficult to get reliable information on the potential Indian market size for your products. Understanding the potential market for your business is really important – as is knowing where [...]