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A Special Solution for your Business Development

Our Business Incubator is ideal for companies who want to dip their toe into the market for business development, brand building and building up market shares; without having incorporated an Indian subsidiary. The Business Incubator is a low-risk, cost-effective and simple way to recruit and guide a dedicated sales team for your sales activities in India. The sales team is employed with M+V and works 100% on the development of your business in India. All risks with regard to Indian labour law and other compliances are with M+V.

You create brand awareness and already make your products in India available; without the inconvenience of incorporating an Indian subsidiary or any other bureaucratic nuisances. A great way to start and gather experience and after your brand becomes successful in India it will be the right time to incorporate your Wholly Owned Subsidiary.

You can also opt for an office space as per your requirement.

What makes M+V Business Incubator so special?

  • A dedicated team sells your products without the expense of local entity or the risk of bureaucracy, such as labour laws or other compliance topics
  • Country wide start in all business hubs through use of M+V‘s presence in 5 Metros
  • Access to primary knowledge and contacts thanks to almost 20 years of experience in the Indian Market

For more details on our Business Incubator – or other options for investing in India, contact us!

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