Understanding your Indian Market

India is a complex market with the economy dominated by millions of small, family-run companies leading to highly non-transparent markets and a lack of critical market data. You really need to assess your true business potential and really understand your market dynamic and challenges before you invest in India.

To develop a clear strategy on how to identify and approach your potential customers you need to combine analysis of the multiple data available – a job which can only be done by experts who really understand India. We can help you to get what you need because we understand what it takes for foreign companies to be successful in India.

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Other research we can help you with

Find a Partner in India

Depending on the type of your business and industry, working with a partner in India could be the best option for you. Our consultants will find you the right partner after in-depth assessment to ensure a long lasting productive collaboration.

  • Distribution / Supplier search and assessment
  • Joint Venture / Merger & Acquisition – due diligence, product compatibility check, technology level audit, other relevant assessment

Manufacture in India

Depending on your product and the market demand, manufacturing in India could be the ideal solution for maximising profitability. We find the right location for your manufacturing set-up.

  • Industrial Cluster Analyses – for increased productivity & tax benefits
  • Location Search for Manufacturing Set-Up

Our Methodology

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What makes M+V Market Research so special?

There are great business opportunities in all industries in India but it is hard for international companies to assess real market potential. You need to understand the business dynamics and M+V can help you ensure success in India.

  • We not only support you by collecting and analysing relevant data but also turn this essential data into a clear and practical business plan.
  • M+V has vast hands-on expertise across several Indian industries and almost 20 years of operational knowledge.

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