From 17 to 3: An Interview with Klaus Maier about GST

Klaus Maier | Founder & Managing Director| Maier+Vidorno First published in the magazine "Steuermarkt" published by JUVE in June 2017. The interview was conducted by Stephan Mittelhäuser. In March, the Indian [...]

Indian Food Processing Industry: The Quest for Foreign Collaborations

India’s agricultural background and surplus resources is itself an indication of the huge investment potential in Food Processing. India’s Food Processing Industry is expected to reach $482 billion by 2020 [...]

Indo-German innovation partnership: an untapped prospect

Author: Murali Nair | Senior Project Manager | Bertelsmann Stiftung First published in July 2017 Background Germany’s position at the forefront of global innovation can no longer be taken for [...]

Indian Agricultural Equipment market to outperform last year sales

The growth of the Indian Agriculture Industry and allied sectors was 4.4% in 2016-17. With a normal monsoon predicted by the India Meteorological Department (IMD), the growth this year is [...]

Printer manufacturers in India embracing innovation

India getting digitised doesn’t seem to affect the steady growth in the print market. As per the Audit Bureau of Circulations (ABC), print media in India has grown by 61% [...]

Automation India: From Smart Factories to Smart Homes

India is racing towards Industry 4.0 and Automation changes the manufacturing landscape every day. We see that more and more industries have moved to automation for sustainable manufacturing. But the [...]