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We take care of your business implementation & administrative needs – You focus on your sales.

Business implementation is an important aspect to gain success. In fact, selling in any market is a full-time job. Moreover, in a country like India owing to its size and complexity, it is even critical. Therefore, you need to manage all the administration, customer payments and returns, logistics, and personnel issues of a large company. Above all, you also need your sales team to stay focused on selling.

You can do anything but not everything” – David Allen

M+V’s integrated operation management system lets you stay in control without having to hire your own team. In other words, we can help you with all aspects of your operations and administration:

Business Implementation

Sales Process Implementation

  • We can set up real time reporting system of sales.
  • Furthermore, we can set up dealer level stock management to avoid any stock dumping.
  • Moreover, we have an Automated Order Booking System for Dealer which supports all checks and balances.
  • Additionally, you get the Automated Notification System.
  • Real-time Inventory Planning and Management System.
  • Lastly, it includes Integrated Dealer Management System

Purchase Process Implementation

  • Fully automated import booking system.
  • All inventory-related expenses on inventory only
  • Finance and Accounts
  • SAP-based accounting system.
  • All management reporting can be possible on a single platform.
  • GST portal Integrated and automated reporting.
  • Lastly, Auto mailer for MIS reporting and proper tracking.

Personnel services

  • Payroll administration
  • Bonus and incentives
  • Tax and pension compliance
  • Policy management & implementation – travel, leave, etc.
  • Lastly, organisational management and personnel development

Accounting & Financial services

  • Accounting
  • Book-keeping
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial management
  • Treasury management

Resident Director

  • Resident Director – Indian or expat resident
  • Active Board Member
  • Risk Assessment & Advisory

Legal Compliance

  • Efficient legal transactions
  • Objective Internal Audits

Business Registrations

  • Product & Industry Registrations
  • Import & Labeling
  • Corporate registrations

E-commerce services

  • Registration on Indian portals
  • Online advertising
  • Customized sales & performance reports

ERP for transparent control

  • Firstly, we will take care of all your ERP requirements. In other words, starting from implementation to support.
  • Secondly, we offer a worry-Free SAP environment to fulfill your future needs.
  • Thirdly, we offer a fully integrated ERP system with GST, E-way, Customs, and other government portals
  • Furthermore, an audit can take place directly on our ERP system.
  • Offers complete transparency to Management & Legal compliance Agency
  • Lastly, all Logs are maintained for audit purposes.

What makes M+V’s Business Implementation services so special?

Maier+Vidorno’s business implementation platform provides solutions for 100s of foreign companies selling in India. Moreover, the platform is modular to make it as flexible and professional as possible. In fact, whatever your product or service our platform can be tailored to make your sales set up in India more effective.

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