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Indian buyers expect more from international products – higher quality, better specifications and certainly better service.  Customer service expectations are growing for all market segments in India and international companies need to build after care support into their branding and business development.

But how do you ensure excellent After Sales Care for your customers in a country the size of India? For most companies, the cost of maintaining a qualified team of engineers and all the possible spare parts your customers may need is a real problem in India – where it is hard reach every corner of such a big country.  We can solve this for you.

M+V offers this service together with Giesecke & Devrient – a nation-wide network of trained engineers & spare parts.

We like to discuss with you personally how we can take care of your after-sales service requirements, how our technicians can be trained to service your products and how this solution can be integrated into your CRM system.

Imagine being able to call on a fully qualified engineer to service your machines within 24 hours – anywhere in India.

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  • Installation / commissioning
  • User training
  • Preventive / corrective maintenance
  • Customer care center
  • Spare part logistics
  • Repairs and calibration facility Overhauls and upgrades
  • Onsite service personnel

Build your reputation as the best supplier in India!

G&D has trained their engineers to the highest standards and located them strategically across the whole of India to ensure rapid expert support for all the banks using their machines nationwide.  These same engineers can support your customers – and you stay in control of your brand’s reputation.  These engineers can perform scheduled maintenance visits, emergency repairs or quick checks, depending on the complexity of your machines and support packages and warranties.

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What makes M+V After Sales so special?

M+V can manage your spares through strategically placed distribution centres in 10+ locations across the country, while G&D has a strong network of 400 fully qualified field engineers who can reach any Indian customer within 24 hours. M+V’s team can ship spare parts within India in 24-48 hours.

With M+Vs dependable system for spare parts, and G&D’s fully qualified engineers, you can offer world class after sales service to your customers – anytime and anyplace – and at a fraction of the normal cost. Train us to look after your machines – and stay in control.

For more details on After Sales service  in India, contact us!

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