Hiring & Managing People

//Hiring & Managing People


Having the right people in the right jobs is essential to a successful business strategy anywhere in the world – but especially in countries like India where you need people who really understand the complex markets and how to succeed in them – so hiring & managing people is a very important factor in your business strategy for India.

India’s labor markets are highly competitive and there is widespread job-hopping as the economy grows. Many young Indians do not expect to remain in the same job for more than 2-3 years and will expect to build their career (and salaries) by moving jobs quickly.

With different industries expanding at different rates, the labor markets for different industries are complex to understand and it is hard for foreign companies to know what the correct salary should be for each position and how to effectively motivate staff and navigate cultural differences.

For international companies to ensure business performance improvement hiring & managing people efficiently is of utmost importance. They need to recruit the best Indian employees and ensure their human resource management gets the most out of their team.

M+V has been one of the best recruitment partners for foreign companies for nearly 20 years. We not only hire National Sales Managers and their teams for our clients, we then work with these teams for years afterwards as we run their back offices, and we help them face their challenges and work out how to improve.  This means we really know India’s employment markets, who to hire, how much to pay a Sales Manager or an Executive and how to best support that team to ensure your business is successful.  In our blog on Managing People in India we answer the most frequently asked questions we are asked by representatives of foreign companies. Our experts give simple clear answers on all the big topics.

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