Build & Grow Your Market Share in India

No matter what you are selling, you need to start off right!

Some market entrants plan to grow first to a certain size and develop market share before they invest in a manufacturing unit in India. Some market entrants never plan to manufacture in India but only want to sell their products and services in India. Regardless of what your growth strategy is, for a focused market expansion you need a qualified and experienced Sales Team and a Back Office that makes sure nothing goes wrong.

M+V supports you in these essential aspects and makes sure that your interests as an investor and shareholder are safeguarded:

1. Recruit the best talents for Sales & Service in India

M+V’s Human Resource department together with our own in-house Recruitment team develops a strong Recruitment Plan for your Sales team. We know which talents are required for a market-entrant, where to find these talents and how to attract them for start-ups. Click here for some insights on how to structure your Indian Sales team.

2. Create systems that you can lead from a distance

As you expand your markets, you need to be able to manage & monitor your Sales Teams virtually. Visits and face-to-face meetings are very productive but you need cost effective ways to keep things on track on a daily basis. You have to develop efficient communication systems and ensure you understand how to manage a project in a cross-cultural team with India.  It is essential to set realistic goals and targets and establish and measure clear performance standards – and you need to celebrate milestones and successes.

3. Have a strong Back Office in place

A good Back Office does not create sales but a badly managed Back Office may destroy good sales. M+V manages the Back Office for numerous foreign companies in India. We understand the administrative requirements of foreign organisations in India and solve your administrative headaches. From simple Accounting, Taxation and Payroll Solutions to complex Order Processing in India, M+V has a solution tailor-made for your needs.

4. Set up your After Sales Service Up right

Indian companies and consumers are prepared to pay a premium for imported goods but in return will always expect better customer service from international companies. If you fail, your customer is gone for good.  That`s why you need professional After Sale and Spare Parts Management from day one.

Make sure you have everything in place to ensure you stay in control – regular reporting and on-going performance management. For more details on Selling and Service in India, contact our experienced team!

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