How do I import into India?

Is Import-Export in India complicated?

The first import into India is usually a bit confusing no matter what industry you are in.  It is not complicated, but requires certain registrations and processes – these will vary from industry to industry – and it can be a tough experience getting familiar with Indian commercial laws.

For most companies it is better to use the services of an importer experienced at importing into India.  You can tell this by checking that they are eligible for importing goods. The importer must possess a number of standard registrations:

  • Importer & Exporter Certificate (IEC) from the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT)
  • Registration with Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Shops and Establishment Act, Legal Metrology Act (LMA)

On top of this, you need product specific registrations for certain products.

You also need to consider the business location of your customers and the credibility of the importer.

When you have set up your own subsidiary you will also need to prepare well for your first independent shipment.  You need to be the registered importer and you need to ensure you allow extra time for clearance as customs will ask many additional questions on the first import.

M+V is registered to import many products into India and have extensive distribution networks and warehousing options for all types of goods.  We can support the entire process – from your factory – anywhere in the world to your end customer – anywhere in India.  With our helpful consultant and transparent ERP system you can understand the entire process for your specific products and track your shipment all the way.

We manage the order processing for thousands of articles in hundreds of shipments every month and to everywhere in India.

We also set up many foreign subsidiaries and support the first import processes for many of them.  We can help you with every step of the way.