What are the requirements of corporate reporting in India for foreign companies?

/What are the requirements of corporate reporting in India for foreign companies?
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Corporate reporting in India – requirements for foreign companies

Requirements of corporate reporting in India depend on various factors such as:

  • The nature of your business (such as manufacturing, trading, service)
  • If you have a Private Limited Company or a Public Limited Company
  • Which state(s) you do business in (Maharashtra, Gujarat etc. have some variations in requirements)
  • The nature of business segment (e.g. Drugs & Pharma, Textiles, Banking and NBFC etc.)

Reporting requirements depend on which laws apply to your company, but some laws are applicable to all companies irrespective of their set up or specific sector:

  • Corporate laws
  • Taxation laws
  • Industrial and Labour laws (based on number of employees)
  • Property laws

Further reporting requirements are of two kinds. One is ‘periodical’ reporting and ‘event’ based reporting. Periodical reporting is regular (monthly, quarterly or annual) and continuous in nature. Whereas event based reporting is a onetime reporting and that also after the event occurs.  To help you ensure you know which requirements you need to fulfill seek expert advice.

M+V’s legal team manages the legal compliance and reporting requirements for many foreign companies in India. We make sure your business in India is 100% compliant with the laws. We can also help you with hassle free company formation in India and to get the required product registrations in India.


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