What are the risks of workplace sexual harassment in India?


There have been a number of high profile cases of workplace sexual harassment in companies in India in the last few years and the law was strengthened in 2013 to try to tackle the issue. Companies are now required to have a policy to manage any complaints of harassment and to train their employees to emphasize this is not acceptable. Any sexual misconduct by an employee while on duty with your company is counted under the act – whether it took place in your office, on the road or on the way home so there is a very broad definition.

Companies who do not comply with the law can be fined.  In reality many firms have yet to conduct training or introduce mechanisms to deal with workplace sexual harassment when it happens, but it is quite easy to be compliant – and becoming complaint can also aid retention as you make the workplace more comfortable for your female employees.

Therefore risks for companies can be mitigated by implementing training and having a clear and understood policy and compliant complaints procedures to manage workplace sexual harassment.

M+V’s Team conducts regular compliance training to prevent workplace sexual harassment in companies in India. We are also developing an online training module so you can ensure your staff take the training wherever they are in the country. Our HR consultants can also give you some basic HR advice for new market entrants to improve efficiency in your HR systems and help you frame your policies.