June 25, 2019 | 11:00 am EST

Our webinar “How to Sell in India?” talks about how you can tap into the lucrative India market with low risk & low investment. Get expert insights on the current investment climate in India as well as the best market entry strategies for American and Canadian companies to employ to maximize their entry into India.

Get insights through real case studies of international companies who successfully expanded into the India market.

Missed the event, watch the webinar recording here.

If you have any further questions, want to enter or expand your business in the Indian market, feel free to contact us!

Our speaker:

Martin Pallante

Dr. Martin D. Pallante, PhD

SVP – 20/20 Management Consulting

Representing Maier+Vidorno in the USA and Canada
A highly successful global executive and author of best seller “Creating Sustainable Customer Value…The Positive Power of Strategic Management,” Dr. Pallante understands the enormous potential of the Indian market and is expert in assisting US and Canadian companies seeking entry into them.

“How to Sell in India?” will cover the following topics:

  1. Why Invest in India and Why Now?
  2. Low Risk – Low investment – High Reward Potential of the Indian market
  3. Market Entry Options
  4. Business Incubation as an Investment Option
  5. Case Studies of companies that are benefitting from their low risk, low investment entry into the India market

Who should attend?

  1. Companies currently seeking entry into the Indian market with minimal investment & risk
  2. Companies evaluating various entry options into the Indian market
  3. Companies evaluating India as an expansion option
  4. Companies not yet considering expansion into India