BIS Registration of product in India –
Why you should urgently address this issue

Thursday, December 10, 2020
10:00 am (CET)/ 2:30 PM IST

The list of products that must be approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) is growing rapidly. Most importantly in 2020, the number of products that require mandatory BIS registration rose from 171 to 283. Therefore, it’s time to deal with this topic.

In an interview with Maarten van der Schaaf, Director of IndiaConnected, the expert Dhrub Thakur, Head of the Legal Department at M + V, describes everything you need to know about the topic.

Target group: Those responsible for business in India, specialists and executives (market development, posting, export)

Seminar language: English

Increasing number of products that require mandatory BIS registration in India 2003-2020

Increasing number of products that require mandatory BIS registration in India 2003-2020


This webinar includes:

  • What does BIS mean?
  • Why is it more important now than ever?
  • Which companies / products have to register for BIS?
  • How does the process for obtaining the BIS registration work?
  • What are the requirements?
  • What timeframe can be expected?
  • How much does it cost?

The Speaker

Mr Dhrub Thakur
Head – Legal Compliance, Maier+Vidorno

Dhrub Thakur, head of the legal department at M + V, has more than 10 years of experience in setting up foreign branches in India. He advises on joint venture issues as well as on cross-border transactions. He is also responsible for the legal compliance management of several foreign subsidiaries. Mr Thakur also assists informal communication and approval processes with the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Product registrations at BIS, FSSAI & EPA round off his diverse field of activity. He earned a Bachelor of Science from SKM University Jharkhand and a Bachelor of Law from Delhi University.

Maarten van der Schaaf

Mr Maarten van der Schaaf
Director and co-founder of IndiaConnected

Maarten van der Schaaf, Director and co-founder of IndiaConnected, supports Dutch companies in becoming successful in India. Mr van der Schaaf completed his studies at the University of Amsterdam and graduated with a master’s degree in international relations and journalism. At the beginning of his career, he worked as a correspondent in India for several years, reporting on a wide range of topics, including Indian economy, politics, culture, sports and religion.