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Questions that typically arise when thinking about investing in India are: Is India really an interesting potential market for American companies? What is happening right now and is it a good time to invest – how is the business climate in India and what does the future look like? What are the important things you need to know before you invest?

Our experts Klaus Maier and William Pallante answered these questions for you and discussed the complexities of doing business in India, as well as make you understand how to create a sustainable entry strategy for India.

Program in brief:

  •  Explanation of India’s unique challenges
  • Expert advice of how to set realistic targets and how to achieve them
  • An analysis of different entry strategies for US companies
  • Key success factors of foreign businesses in India
  • Participant Q&A

This introduction to ‘Doing Business in India’ gives you an essential snapshot about India as a market for foreign companies, as well as gives you the chance to listen to questions with experts doing business in India since many years.

Our experts:


Klaus Maier | MD & Founder | Maier+Vidorno

William Pallante | President | 20/20 Management Consultants

Interested? Watch the webinar here!