3 Reasons Why Companies Should Keep An Eye On India In 2021

Growth is slowing down in the EU, the US and China are busy with each other and Dutch companies are struggling with enormous personnel shortages, especially ICT and technical people. Time to look across the border for new growth markets and smart solutions to our personnel problem. Three reasons [...]


India Day 2020 – Cancelled

India Day 2020 | Cancelled Against the background of the dynamic spread of the coronavirus, we would like to inform you that India Day 2020 - planned for Cologne on June 17th will now not take place. One of the things that makes this such an amazing [...]


Selling International Products in India

Selling in India | Learning from the Sales Networking Meet 2020 Selling imported products from international companies requires a particular set of skills. It requires the right sales team and management who need to navigate India's price sensitivity and bureaucracy to be successful. This year's M+V Sales [...]


How good is India’s road infrastructure?

Shashank Verma | Head Supply Chain & Order Management | Maier+Vidorno LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ September 2019 In our previous blog, we explained the Restrictions for Commercial Vehicles in India. Here we will focus on the Absence of India's road [...]


Selling Foreign Products in India

Selling in India | Learning from the National Sales Heads of international companies How do India’s famous price sensitivity and bureaucracy affect selling foreign products in India? What does this mean for foreign brands market share in India? Back in summer 2018 we brought together the real [...]


Expert Insight: Successfully Developing Sales in India

Expert Insights: Eli Hamacher | Freelance business journalist Published in October 2018 Understand the need and customize With growth rates of roughly 7%, India is the fastest-growing emerging economy. Industries such as logistics and healthcare offer good opportunities for Foreign SMEs. A cleverly planned market entry pays off as [...]


What is your Market Entry Strategy for India?

Klaus Friedrich Meier | Senior Project Manager | Maier+Vidorno To succeed in India, you need a clear market entry strategy for India and a business plan. The key factors of this entry strategy for India are good analysis and planning - with a lot of patience and commitment! But [...]

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