Japan and India: Challenges in Doing Business in India for Japanese Companies

success in India for Japanese companies

Published in May 2018 Over the past 3 years M+V and Fenetre of Japan have been teaming up withJETRO and the Indian consulates across Japan to hold seminars on doing business in India – especially HR and personnel issues.  This May we held events in Kobe and Fukuoaka and we gained insights into how Japanese businesses […]

Overcoming intercultural differences in India

Overcoming Intercultural Differences in India

Doing business in India is “people business” – this applies when dealing with both clients, distributors, and own personnel. Nothing is as important as good business relationships, which are generally very personal affairs in India. Overcoming  understanding of the Indian market but also intercultural skills when dealing with Indian businessmen and customers. This implies that you must have […]