Merger & Acquisitions or Joint Venture in India

Business Partnerships & Joint Venture

Ammann is a world-leading supplier of mixing plants, machines and services to the construction industry with core expertise in road building and transportation infrastructure. The family-owned company has enjoyed international success since 1869. Hans-Christian Schneider, current Ammann CEO, is the sixth generation to run the business. Much has changed in the 150 years of Ammann history. […]

How Indian subsidiaries can Finance & do business in India

How Indian subsidiaries can Finance & do business in India-M+V Altios

Floridienne is a diversified Belgian industrial group that ranks among the European or World leaders in several market niches or niche markets. The Group operates in eight business lines divided among three Divisions: Gourmet Food, Life Sciences, and Chemicals. Floridienne generally holds majority positions in its activities. This enables the group to invest actively, in the […]

Manufacturing in India & How to set up a manufacturing unit in India?

Manufacturing in India

Why should companies go to India at all? Mr. Sudhir Rao, Former Chairman and Managing Director, Skoda Auto India and a Global Automotive and Transportation CEO. He has experience across India, US, and Europe in creating, building, and transforming firms to be sustainable, profitable businesses along with Mr. Shavikesh Goel, Vice President – Marketing & […]

Doing business in different Indian states is different!

DOing Business in Indian States

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Corona crisis in India offers opportunities in 3 sectors for European Companies

Corona crisis in India offers opportunities in 3 sectors for European Companies-M+V Altios

These three areas offer European companies interesting opportunities The Indian lockdown at the beginning of the corona crisis pandemic made operating business in the country more difficult for a few weeks. Work from home started, a halt was put to import and export chains. Production lines were temporarily shut down. At the same time, emerging […]

A strong sales team in India is half the price

A strong sales team in India is half the price-M+V Altios

Sales in India are not possible without a strong sales team. But how do you build a successful sales team in India? Amazon, Walmart, and Apple will all target one of the world’s fastest-growing economies in 2021: India. This is not surprising. For, despite the recent hiccups in the Indian economy and also the Corona […]

Building a Winning team in India & How to motivate and retain employees

Building YOUR team

India has the youngest and most mobile population in the world. On 11th February, Adela Szatvanyi Executive Director of APAC at OSF Digital discuses about how to build a winning team in India. OSF Digital is a leading global commerce and digital cloud Transformation Company, with expertise in enterprise CRM, CMS, OMS, connected commerce, online shop management and cloud application development. OSF […]

Trade and Selling in India – Diverse Customers, Diverse Opportunities

Selling in India

Trade-in India – Diverse Customers, Diverse Opportunities Metro AG is a German multinational company based in Düsseldorf. It operates business membership only cash and carries stores primarily under the Metro brand. As a matter of fact, METRO AG operates as a food service company and is the country’s biggest and leading wholesaler and distributor of food […]

Dealing with Indian Government & Impact of rising technical regulations in India

Dealing with Indian Government & Impact of rising technical regulations in India-M+V Altios

India is a very unique place when it comes to policy making and legislation. It comes from a place where the government thinks about the public at large and is efficient in the same. Government makes use of principles, institutions, norms, values, and rules through which they manage public affairs in act of governance. Policy making is […]

Differences In The Way Of Doing Business Between Indian States

Differences In The Way Of Doing Business Between Indian States-M+V Altios

India is almost as big as the European Union and more than twice as many people live there. No wonder, then, that there are big differences between the various Indian states. The differences are in terms of language, demography, politics and economic growth. For a successful start in India, it is therefore important to take […]

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