Interview | “Great opportunities to sell in India”- Mr. Klaus Maier


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Abolition of Dividend Distribution tax in the hands of Corporates

Abolition of Dividend Distribution tax in the hands of Corporates-M+V Altios

Sanjeev Kumar | Chartered Accountant and Consultant | Maier+Vidorno LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ April 2020 In addition to income tax chargeable in respect of the total income of a domestic company, any declaration, distribution or payment by way of dividends shall be subject to additional Income-tax at the rate around 20.56% including surcharge and […]

What is the difference between Authorized and Paid Up Capital?

What is the difference between Authorized and Paid Up Capital-M+V Altios

What is the difference between Authorized  and Paid Up Capital? Companies issue their shares to raise capital for various purposes such as to fund their expansion, paying off debts, etc. Irrespective of the size of a company or the type of business, every company needs to classify its share capital under various categories in the […]

Recent Changes in GST & Its Impact on Ease of doing Businesses in India

Recent Changes in GST & Its Impact on Ease of doing Businesses in India-M+V Altios

Sanjeev Kumar | Chartered Accountant and Consultant | Maier+Vidorno LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ December 2019 GST is the biggest tax reform in India on the principle of “one nation, one-market, one-tax”. Before understanding the changes with regard to GST, we should first understand the tax structure pre-GST regime prevailed in India: What is GST? The salient feature of GST […]

Is it easy to import into India? – Practical Ease of Import

Is it easy to import into India – Practical Ease of Import-M+V Altios

Shashank Verma | Head Supply Chain & Order Management | Maier+Vidorno LinkedIn | Twitter | Google+ August 2019 In recent years, India has undergone many changes in its customs processes, and clearances are now simplified, facilitating the easier entry of imported goods. The Indian Foreign Trade Policy 2015-2020, focuses on electronic delivery (eDelivery) of services, through the adoption of […]

Sales in India – what is my best India market-entry strategy?

Sales In India - Exclusive Strategy by Shashank Verma from M+V

 Shashank Verma | Head Supply Chain & Order Management | Maier+Vidorno India’s markets are insatiable and Sales in India are booming. The growing middle class are demanding improved quality and more choice in almost all sectors – from infrastructure to air travel. The increased demand for quality makes foreign products more attractive across most of […]

Japan and India: Challenges in Doing Business in India for Japanese Companies

success in India for Japanese companies

Published in May 2018 Over the past 3 years M+V and Fenetre of Japan have been teaming up withJETRO and the Indian consulates across Japan to hold seminars on doing business in India – especially HR and personnel issues.  This May we held events in Kobe and Fukuoaka and we gained insights into how Japanese businesses […]

Enterprise Resource Planning: More important than ever for your business success

Enterprise Resource Planing

Satish Tripathi | Head – IT & ERP | Maier+Vidorno September 2019 Indian economy opened its gates to the world in the year 1991 and since then India has witnessed a significant growth. Be it manufacturing, retail or services – organizations have experienced tremendous growth as well as competition.  The desire to lead and the […]

India Market Entry: Common mistakes that companies make

India Market Entry: Common mistakes that companies make

Klaus Maier | MD & Founding Partner | Maier+Vidorno Entering any new market, especially a foreign market, involves a steep learning curve and there are a lot of articles available to help companies avoid common mistakes when going abroad with your company, not specifically to your India market entry. India market entry, with its price […]

Overcoming intercultural differences in India

Overcoming Intercultural Differences in India

Doing business in India is “people business” – this applies when dealing with both clients, distributors, and own personnel. Nothing is as important as good business relationships, which are generally very personal affairs in India. Overcoming  understanding of the Indian market but also intercultural skills when dealing with Indian businessmen and customers. This implies that you must have […]