The ‘Special Valuation Branch’ (SVB, for short) is a branch of Indian Customs which monitors, verifies and confirms the international transfer pricing in between two related parties. Of which one entity (party) is in India and the other one who is the supplier of goods, is situated overseas. Special Valuation Branch (SVB) can take upto 4 months to decide the case of transfer pricing. During which all import consignments have to mandatorily undergo ‘provisional assessment’. We helped one company to reduce this wait to as low as 15 days, as we held its first consignment with the Indian customs and organized SVB order during this time.

Sales Order Management function (SOM)

Our Sales Order Management function (SOM) makes the delivery of goods efficient in the following way for our client. The Sales Order Management system help companies spend less time entering sales orders and more time generating new sales. The order fulfilment process plays a key role in the speed at which an order completes. We implement options for shipping an order vs. picking up at the port. Along with separating out the picking/packing/shipping of the order to streamline the entire fulfilment process.

In the above case, we look at their transfer prices and built the case for them. The principal commissioner of customs passed the SVB order while the first shipment was at the port. You have to have your case prepared to match the requirements of the authorities. Then only, you can convince the Indian authorities and they can make the approval simple for SOM function.

Your order management process is an integrated activity. Subsequently it touches every business service and requires merging traditional supply chain management with customer service, sales, and marketing activity. Developing sales order management (SOM) processes and leveraging a SOM system are prerequisites for profitability.

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