Manage your operations and re-open your business

Re-open your business in India

India is re-opening, and international companies are finding ways to manage their businesses remotely and establish new working norms.

There are clear recommendations and advice for opening offices and factories, and different companies and industries are taking different approaches.

M+V helped managed operations for clients while sales teams remained in lockdown. Now we are supporting our clients to re-establish relations with customers and find ways to ensure cashflow while the country adjusts to the new normal. We can help your team in India work efficiently, and we can monitor your team for you. Our systems, processes and policies can help you to manage your business remotely.

We currently support the sales teams for more than 60 international companies selling in India. We know from our clients that there are many challenges right now. Their teams here in India are also asking for our help.

There are two immediate issues clients are facing:

  1. How to manage cash flow and increase liquidity
  2. How to safely re-open business.

How to manage cash flow and increase liquidity

Our CFO Praveen Singhal gave some suggestions on how to get cash flowing back into your business in a recent podcast with Deepmala Datta in M+V’s podcast series on CXO skills and expertise. You can listen to it here.

How to safely re-open your business

We’ve read through as many sets of recommendations on how to keep your employees safe and comply with government rules about office re-opening as we could. We’ve summarised all the advice and regulations into three infographics:

Unlocking your office in India
Action to be taken if someone has symptoms
Unlocking production in India

We are solving issues for clients every day

 Let us help you to manage your business remotely & solve the challenges you are facing.

Contact us with questions and problems relating to your India business. We are happy to help you and provide you with further information.

Why aren’t my sales returning?

  • Corporate Health Check
    • HR analysis
    • Why no sales -Market assessment
    • Distribution check
    • Books OK?
    • Registrations OK?
    • Business Process Analysis
    • Inventory management analysis

How can we cut costs?

  • Salaries
  • Fees
  • Inventory management

How can I get the best out of my team?

  • Performance management
  • Psychological healthcheck – after months cooped up, pyschometric health & tools
  • HR Consulting & Restructuring
  • Executive recruitment
    • We do all short listing and reference checks
    • We do face-to-face interview
  • We can be your trusted monitoring rep on the ground
  • Temporary expert help so your team can focus on sales
  • Interim Management / support
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