Manage your operations when your team is in Lockdown

Manage your business remotely - Manage your operations when your team is in Lockdown

India isn’t used to working remotely. M+V has been working to ensure foreign companies can sell in India and can help you to manage your business & operation when your team in lockdown. 

Ensure your team in India can work efficiently. We can monitor your team for you. Our systems, processes and policies can help you to manage your business remotely.

We currently support the sales teams for more than 60 international companies selling in India. We know from our clients that there are many challenges right now. Their teams here in India are also asking for our help. 

Problems clients are facing:

  • What products can be sold in India right now
  • Getting products to customers
  • Internet infrastructure and team communication
  • Work from home policies and motivation
  • Dress code 
  • Daily changes 

We are solving issues for clients every day. Let us help you to manage your business remotely & solve the challenges you are facing.

Contact us with questions and problems relating to your India business. We are happy to help you and provide you with further information on how the current Covid-19 crisis can be managed for your company.

Control Operations

Accounts, Supply Chain & HR

Transparent systems to remain in control

  • Configure your backend system to maintain smooth and active operations
  • Monitor Supply chain & Goods movement for smooth execution / Supply chain consultancy
  • While the sales staff is offline, we can build more structured (reporting) systems for future implementation

Fix your Processes

Work From Home, Software & Policies

Fix your internal processes in India

  • Evaluate your internal processes
  • Design and improve to implement effective WFH environment/systems

Maintain Compliance

Registrations, Audits, Permits & Filings

Complete your tax compliances even from home

  • Ensure timely tax filing and manage all your compliances
  • Undertake a business continuity audit for you
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