Choose the right strategy for your success in India

Depending on the type of your business and industry the best way to enter India could be to set up your Wholly Owned Subsidiary (WOS), enter into a Joint Venture (JV) with an Indian company or buy an existing Indian company (M&A).  Buying a company or entering a Joint Venture gives you immediate access to local products, infrastructure and experience, but usually means you need to work harder on your relationships – with your partner and/or employees who are facing a change in organisational culture.  And not to forget either, very often Indian Entrepreneurs demand very high prices for their businesses.

investment-Set your own companyEnter into Joint VentureBuy an indian Company

What makes M+V`s Investment Options so special?

M+V’s approach to implementing India strategies reflects the requirement of the Indian market for affordable products. Either incorporating your own WOS or exploring together with you which companies are worthwhile targets to be bought or which companies would make a good JV partner. Through thorough due diligences we will make sure that the partner you choose is the right partner – either for buying 100 % of the shares (merger/acquisition) or only parts thereof.

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