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When you expand your global footprint you need to ensure your Corporate Governance in all territories – to improve business performance, to maintain control and to improve compliance. In a complex market like India, you need expert advice to continuously improve Corporate Governance and protect the interests and long term value for shareholders.

M+V Senior Managers are on the Board of Directors of many Indian subsidiaries, and we ensure company boards focus on how to make the subsidiary more efficient, stronger and successful during regular board meetings. We also help bring almost 20 years of experience of managing internal audits or other control mechanisms.

Our Services

Resident Director

  • M+V Senior Manager as your “Resident” Director
  • Maintain & manage legal compliance
  • Non-executive director – no managerial, financial or operational involvement in the company

Active Board Member

  • M+V Senior Manager as “active” Board Member
  • Quarterly review and assessment of business during Board Meetings
  • Advice on business strategy & performance improvement
  • Ensure external Management Reviews and External Controlling & Reporting

Risk Assessment & Advisory  

  • Regulatory and Compliance risk
  • Fraud management
  • Internal audits & control systems

What Makes M+V Corporate Governance so special?

Corporate governance aspects

For almost 20 years we have been supporting foreign companies in establishing profitable business in India. We have supported multiple industries. We have hands-on expertise in managing the complete back-office for foreign companies in India. Our team has experts in Finance & Accounting, Legal compliance, Supply Chain & Order Execution, Human Resource, IT & ERP. Our experience and expertise helps us assess your corporate governance systems and controls and recommend improvements to enhance compliance and business performance.

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