M+V understands the requirements of the Indian market, and this reflects in the realistic business plans we set up for you based on over 18 years of experience in supporting foreign companies in India.

Our Methodology

Business Plan

Based on the results of a Market Research M+V will help you develop the best business plan for India Entry and Expansion. This includes answering fundamental questions like:

Which business activities should be conducted first? Do we need to set up manufacturing or assembly immediately?  Or first establishing sales, marketing, import, after sales service and logistic structures? How important is product innovation, product adaptation and technology transfer?

Answering these questions is critical because calculated and limited risk is always a priority. While there is often a limited market size in India for products which are manufactured and engineered outside India, it is still often best to establish sales and service structures first in order to test the waters. Investments in manufacturing mostly follow in a second phase.

What makes M+V`s Business Plan so special?

M+V works together with you to answer the vital question: are your products suitable for India? Experience has taught us that most companies need support when it comes to engaging with the Indian market and Indian partners, but that product innovation and adaptation that works for India’s markets works in many other markets around the world.  So adapting for India can be a key step in “going global”. In such cases M+V coordinates and manages this entire process together with our strategic partners, to provide technology localisation services, as well as advice on management of IPR (an integral part of any technology transfer) and skill development programmes.

Planning any and all these steps in the most practical way to ensure you best capitalize on your investment and ensure shareholder value is key to our approach. It is your plan, but we can help you make it real. Only when you are prepared can you select the Investment Vehicle that’s best for you – find a distributor or a partner, buy an Indian company or set up your own subsidiary.

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