Focus on growing your business in India – we take care of all your administration: accounting, payroll, taxes, import & invoicing

Good Administration Keeps You in Control of Your Business

To succeed in India’s complex markets you need the right mix of professional expertise, proven processes and powerful technological resources to ensure you can focus your Sales Team on Sales and Customer Relationship Building.  Outsourcing your Back Office Administration is about more than cutting costs. Getting experts to handle your Back Office Operations can be a key driver to support business value. Some of our clients have outsourced their Indian business administration to us for more than 10 years. We understand how to help a company grow in India.

Organization isn’t about perfection; it’s about efficiency, reducing stress and clutter, saving time and money and improving your overall quality of life.” – Christina Scalise

M+V Business Operations Solutions are Modular

Our modular solutions ensure that you can use the services you need and add services when you need them. This way you get the very best in the market for a competitive price. Start with our Basic Corporate Services and add management and integration services as you grow without having large up front overheads.

You do marketing or sell your services in India? Are you importing products into India and want to sell them across the country? You want to sell in India & ensure your performance is being efficiently managed? Whatever your business, you need efficient administration and reliable reports. Our modules are so flexible that they can be customized no matter what kind of operations your India business needs.

Modular Business Operations

For more details on each of the modules and the typical packages for foreign companies from different businesses, please see our M+V Business Operations Table.

What makes M+V Business Operations special?

We know how to meet globally accepted standards to ensure your back office administration is 100% hassle free.  Not only that, we can ensure complete integration – book-keeping, payroll, preparation of financial statements, filing of tax returns and regulatory compliance services with order processing & supply chain and also ensure your Management Functions so you have all the information to Control & Lead your business in India – wherever you are in the world.

M+V manages the daily transactions for many international companies and our Professional team and IT Backbone (ERP/SAP) administer millions of transactions throughout India.  Our clients get Economies of Scale and real-time Business-Intelligence combined with our vast experience of India – at a cost that no foreign startup can afford alone. Our reporting and systems give you better Process Visibility and effective Risk Management.

We are happy to discuss which combination of the M+V Business Operations is best for your business. For more details about the modules you need, contact our experienced Team!