Maier+Vidorno’s practical solutions help you sell better in India. Our services have been tailor-made to help companies from any industry and from any country. Most of our customers are companies who want to sell in India something that they do not make in India. We are the only company that defines its own success through the success of its customers, i.e. selling successfully in India.

Our business services solve problems to help you sell more and grow. From market entry strategies, acquisitions and partnerships; forming your company or managing your administration – whatever you need to focus on sales.

M+V’s services give you just what you need at every stage of your investment. Over the last 20 years, we have helped more than 1,500 international companies. We help companies with both one-off problems and on-going needs. This experience means that we really know how to hire the right person, work out why sales aren’t growing and even set up manufacturing for our clients. Our business services help you find your real market potential, fix problems and grow.

You need real practical support when you want to sell better in India. We make sure you can focus all your attention on selling while we take care of everything else!

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