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Is there any reliable secondary market data available in India and where to get it?


Information is becoming more readily available as more processes move online and more research companies are offering access to secondary market data. However it is hard to guarantee how reliable this secondary market data is. The official statistics from different government departments are more and more available online, but still require a lot of interpretation and there are many gaps – as you would expect in a country so large and with such historically informal processes for much business.  The most reliable population data from the government is either localised (as with many of the surveys done by Smart Cities, Invest India or Swachh Bharat in the last few years) or now quite old (the national census is very in-depth but the last data is from 2011 and rapidly aging).

Invest India and Make in India specifically do have quite a lot of information now available on their website.

You can find some tips for Market Information & Initiating Business in India in our article. Companies already in India are unwilling to share information widely seeing it as competitive issue and many places where information maybe readily available in other countries have yet to come online.

All of this makes it difficult to get much reliable secondary market data. M+V has a summary of key manufacturing location statistics to give you an idea of the market. Wherever possible we use up to date information, and where not available we include data from the census.

If you want an expert view on the data available for your market and how to get it please contact our Market Research team for help.


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