How long does it take to register a product with Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) etc. product registrations in India and how to do that?

Some items need product registrations and this depends on your industry.  Not every product needs registration with BIS, but quite a lot do – The Bureau lists 18,663 standards in total.

Getting approval takes 2-4 months depending on many factors – whether proper inspection of the manufacturing facility is required (e.g. for steel, tyres, cement, feeding bottles etc.) or only testing of the product in an Indian laboratory is needed (e.g. for electronic items). Inspection of the manufacturing facility obviously takes longer when that facility is abroad.  What type of inspection is needed depends on the product and information about this is available from the government of India – M+V can help you see what type of inspection or testing you need.

Food items need product registration from FSSAI Food Safety and Standards Authority of India and this also takes a while. There is no inspection of the factory needed, but the sample of the product will need to be tested in India to get the necessary import license.  Once a product is tested and approved there may be random testing in future but not according to any schedule.

M+V’s legal team can help you get all the required Corporate and Product related registrations in India.