28 June 2018 | 11:00 am CEST

If your India market entry strategy is collaborating with a partner, then it is very important to make the right partner choice in order to be successful in a dynamic market like India. Our comprehensive webinar on “Partner Search in India” shared insights on the best strategies to find the right business partner in India and resolve partner related issues.

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Our speakers:

Neha Tayal

Neha Tayal

Lead Consultant | Maier+Vidorno

Over 10 years of experience in market & business research and India-entry consulting. Worked with a large number of European, American, Asian and Middle Eastern companies and has extensive work experience across various industry verticals.


  1. India Market Dynamics
  2. Types of Partners – Channel Partners, Distribution Partners, Contractual Manufacturing Partner, Sales Agents, Strategic Alliance, Joint Ventures
  3. Cost Effective Business Model for India Market Entry
    • Testing the market
    • Route to best partnership
    • Resolving Issues
  4. Success Stories
Who should attend?
  1. Companies with a partner in India, where that partner is not meeting your expectations
  2. Companies already having partner in India but has certain issues with the partner
  3. Companies with a few partners in India who want to expand by hiring more partners
  4. Companies who are willing to enter the Indian market but do not want to spend a lot – Testing the market