In July we “onboarded” a new client entirely online. Using Microsoft Teams, our IT/ERP staff in Gurugram took a new Chennai-based National Sales Manager (NSM) through the ERP system. With this in mind, we integrated their back-office platform for trading & accounting step-by-step. ERP systems have a smaller core of critical business process with connections that are industry-specific and can go live on the cloud.

About the system:

ERP system brings great effectiveness in managing the end-to-end customer relations along with all the business transactions. Getting the ERP software for the supply chain and accounting function helps to track the sales targets, payment outstanding, invoicing, visit management, reimbursement of sales employees, etc. You can have a follow-up on the sales activities through various graphical user interfaces like Sales Dashboards, Budget/KPI Dashboard, Purchase end Reports, etc. It routes and marks all the business activities which have the possibility of generating more revenues. In addition, it helps in simplifying all the business logic for all the stakeholders.

Inventory Management System

It is a part of the ERP system,  which helps to maintain and manage all the incoming shipments. Thus, having strict control over the inventory. Also, the system keeps track of all the activities which take place between the supplier and the customer. Therefore, the company can trace all the operational activities taking place. It has facilities to manage the inventory for premium customers, stock reservation, stock movement, etc.

An ERP successfully manages the product types, kits, products with multiple variants, and multiple units of measurements. All supply chain operations right from receptions, picking, packing, and delivery orders are set at high speed with the barcode scanner and touchscreen interface. Also, the system help to assigns serial numbers at every step of reception and delivery improving traceability.

Investing in a customer’s growth is the best strategy any business can apply. Therefore, to be a part of a customer’s growth strategy you have to know your customer and not just their business. Good customer relationship management is crucial for any business. It is important especially in businesses that rely on customer growth.

We recorded the training sessions so that the NSM can guide his employees whenever he needs it with his on-demand video. All this was done at no extra cost in time or resources.

For more details, please contact Suhasini Sharma