06 November 2017 | 09.15 hrs – 14.30 hrs | Köln
09 November 2017 | 09.15 hrs – 14.30 hrs | Stuttgart

Apart from Washington’s Iran-policy, there are several other reasons to have a closer look at the Iranian market: the Economic growth stood at 7% in the last year – a measurable success of the Iranian government after the lifting of the financial and economic sanctions. Moreover, the exchange rate of the Iranian Rial has been stable nearly for the past two years. The German-Iranian foreign trade increased in 2016 by 22% compared to the previous year. This makes Germany the biggest trade partner of Iran within the EU. The trade volume of all EU member countries with Iran grew by 79% in 2016. In the near future, large foreign direct investments are expected.

This seminar is meant to give a first overview and a basis for potentially setting up business activities in Iran.

Our Speaker:

Omid Armaghan | Managing Director | OA Engineering UG (Limited)







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