On 28th May 2020, the Ministry of Steel of the Government of India published a new Quality Control Order (QCO) that replaces previous orders. It lists more steel products that require mandatory registration (please refer the QCO for details).

It means many new products which were free to export to India before now need BIS registration. Exporters who want to supply these steel products to India must get their products registered with BIS before 26th February 2021. It would help if you started now because it takes some time. Any delay in beginning the registration process can create challenges to meet the deadline. Please note that unregistered products are not allowed to pass Indian Customs if they are listed as needed mandatory registration of BIS. A full list of the added products is available here. For more information on BIS and what it means for importing products click here.

For more details, please contact Dhrub Thakur