If you search international headlines for news on India right now, you know of the problems facing daily labourers in Lockdown. For us and our staff, the daily reality of how many people are struggling with Lockdown is very close. This month Maier+Vidorno donated money to ensure that 60 families in rural West Bengal had food every day this month.

M+V has been supporting Kadam for more than ten years. We know the work they have done to encourage traditional craftspeople in rural villages to find new markets for their crafts. The artisans in the villages are struggling right now. KADAM is trying to support the 600 artisans families who work closely with them. They have already used 500,00 rupees so that the artisans have enough food to survive. M+V is proud to be a part of ensuring that at least 60 families have enough food for the next month.

Many of the M+V team are also supporting individual NGOs with their time and money during this time.

We hope you are safe at home right now. If you also want to help make Lockdown more bearable for the most vulnerable here are some of the organisations you can support:

  1. Kadam tackles the problems of youth migration at the grassroots. They create viable employment opportunities in the villages for the youth and women. They also improve education conditions for children. They are organising food for 600 artists and their families during COVID-19.
  2. Andheri Hilfe is very like M+V – deeply connected with both Germany & India. The head office is in Bonn near Cologne. They support people in urgent need and the most vulnerable in more than 100+ projects all over India and Bangladesh and already reached 17,000+ families during the COVID-19 crisis.