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Focus on Indian CXO and Sales heads of international companies – a resource to help run your business. For 20 years M+V has supported international companies to set up and expand in India. We Support hundred of Indian Sales heads on a day-to-day basis.

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Resources to Simplify Business

Resouces to Simplify Business

Support of International Companies

India has emerged as the fastest emerging global economy in the world and is also poised to enter the league of the top three super economic powers soon—supported by the government’s futuristic policies and growing foreign investments. However, the country’s cultural diversity encompassing different languages, religions, and laws can sometimes prove a hindrance for organizations seeking business opportunities for expansion.

Resources To Simplify Business

Insources V/S outsourced Team

The pros & cons of having your own team

Business India & Covid not as usual -M+V Helpline

Great Expectations: Talking to the “Mothership”

Communication with head office, Reporting and transparency

Finance for International SMEs

Improving your cashflow and managing exchange rates

Supply Chain & BIS

Registrations and making imports & Distributions easier


Find the right partner for your quality product

After Sales

Effective customer satisfication & Follow up

Manufacturing - For India and to export from India


For India and to export from India

Selling Outside India (?)

Selling Outside India (?)

Is India the gateway for other markets or not?

What makes M+V’s services so special?

Maier+Vidorno is the only company to offer a 360° solution. Our services help all international companies that want to Enter & Expand in India. Firstly, we have a complete portfolio of business services that solve real problems. Secondly, we combine strategic know-how with practical operational services. Thirdly, you can use all our services separately or mix and match as you need. Secure the success of your business in India with our support.

Deepmala Datta
Deepmala DattaMarket Expansion Expert

Services to Boost Sales In India

  • Operational Efficiency
  • Accounting, Payroll, Company Secretary
  • Distribution Partner Search
  • E-commerce Solutions
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