15 May 2018 | 09.45 hrs – 13.00 hrs | München

16 May 2018 | 09.45 hrs – 13.00 hrs | Köln

With a total population of approximately 560 million people, the Southeast Asia countries of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines are of economic importance, which have been showing solid economic growth for years. With an average of 5% growth for many years, they have been the fastest growing markets in the world. A consumption-oriented Middle class, the expansion of local industry and comprehensive infrastructure measures guarantee a variety of sales opportunities. Visit our seminar on ‘Market Entry Southeast Asia’ and discuss with our experts on how you can benefit from this growth and the opportunities in Southeast Asia.

Our Speakers:

Sarath Menon | Founder and Managing Director |  Orissa International Pte Ltd

Sarath Menon

We are looking forward to see you at our ‘Market Entry Southeast Asia’ Seminar!

To register for this event, please send us an email to Mrs. Parboti Maya Bhattacharya at p.m.bhattacharya@mv-group.com or send a Fax to +49 221 880 408 11.