First published in August 2016

The next manufacturing location of M+V`s “Manufacturing Hubs” handbook which we present to you is the Manufacturing Hubs Tamil Nadu.

Tamil Nadu is in the south of India and in regards to transportation. The state is well connected with ports and airports nationwide. It consists of three of India’s major ports at its coastline. Moreover, Tamil Nadu has low costs for manpower, making it a highly industrialized State. On the other hand, 25% of India’s engineering graduates come from Tamil Nadu each year. This highlights the state’s strong educational system. Therefore, It is one of the fastest-growing states and records consistently high FDI inflows.

Moreover, interesting facts about Tamil Nadu as a business destination are:

  • Chennai hosts 57 “SEZs”
  • Stable political environment
  • Moreover, Textile, Automotive, IT&ITES, Engineering, Cement, and Pharmaceutical industries are the major industries.
  • Furthermore, the State Government focuses on attracting foreign as well as local entities. The state creates a progressive business environment

To learn more about its location parameters and capital Chennai, click Handbook Tamil Nadu.