How can M+V help with managing invoices if we have only 1-2 invoices per month?

M+V can help you with managing invoices whether you only have one shipment a year – or 50 shipments a month.  We understand how to manage orders and the import process for almost all industries, and we hold import licences across the country. If you want to make a test shipment, or you expect just a couple of invoices a month we can help. We can get the required registrations and also manage the entire process for you.

M+V can help you in different ways, depending on what you prefer:
M+V books the purchase and sales orders and you manage the entire purchase and sales order fulfilment. This means you do all the importing, managing customs & clearance, verifying / rectifying custom assessments, organising local warehouse / transport, preparing sales documentation (invoices, shipping documents, road permits, C-form etc.).

Alternatively, along with Accounting & Payroll, you can also outsource the entire purchase and sales order execution (commercial and operational execution) to M+V and let us supply chain experts handle all the details. We use SAP so you can track all the details all the time.