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Manage your operations and recover your business
India has been hit hard with a second COVID-19 wave, but business has done everything possible to not shut down. Goods movement continues and the lessons from the last wave are that companies need to support their teams and use this time to set up systems and strategies for the recovery and manage your business remotely. Digitization has allowed many teams to continue to operate through all the uncertainties, but international companies need to:
  • Support their staff
  • Touch base with the customers
  • Find ways to reposition their products for the recovery
  • Identify how best to use increasing digitization to reach customers in the future
M+V helped managed operations for clients while sales teams were in lock-down in 2020 and in 2021 we have supported our teams and those of our clients through the difficult times. Now we are supporting our clients to re-establish relations with customers and find ways to ensure cash flow while the country adjusts to the new normal. We can help your team in India work efficiently, and we can monitor your team for you. Our systems, processes, and policies can help you to manage your business remotely. We currently support the sales teams for more than 60 international companies selling in India. We know from our clients that there are many challenges right now. Their teams here in India are also asking for our help.
We are solving issues for clients every day
Our service solutions are all modular and built on real customer needs. In COVID times this means our teams deal with the day-to-day problems of supporting your sales strategy and ensuring all your papers are filed and you know exactly what is happening. Let us help you to manage your business remotely & solve the challenges you are facing.

Contact us with questions and problems relating to your India business. We are happy to help you and provide you with further information.
We are solving issues for clients every day
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