How do I manage my after sales in India?

After sales is really important for foreign companies in India because while it is hard for foreign products to compete on price they often compete better on quality and service. When an Indian customer pays for quality, they expect that product to work well and for a long time. This means that you need to be able to deal with any faulty products and any repairs – wherever your customers are located. How you set up your after sales service and manage after sales depends on your product and will vary a lot. Annual Maintenance Contracts are common place across many product types, and warranties on products are increasingly valued by customers. In many market segments Indian customers will want to use the product they purchased long after the warranty expires – and while they may try to cut costs by repairing products themselves, they will still come back to the manufacturer when that doesn’t work – so it is a good idea to have a system in place for long-term repairs.

Whatever your product and the type of after sales service your product requires, you need to ensure you can efficiently manage three different elements: conversations with the customer – by phone or email; review of the problem by someone who understands it – usually by physical inspection on-site or at a service centre; and shipping spare parts or products to repair or replace.

M+V has partnered with G&D to offer a nationwide after sales service suitable for many products. Our experts can help you efficiently manage after sales in India.