How do I manage my after sales in India?

How do I manage my after sales in India?

After sales service is a powerful tool to retain customers for life. Over a period of time, it is emerging as a key differentiator in garnering customer’s trust for most organisations. Let us see why after sales service is so important for any business especially for foreign companies in India.

Why is after sales service so important?

After sales service is crucial for any business because it ensures that your customers are satisfied with their purchases. Moreover, it gives them a sense of satisfaction that in case there is an issue with the product or difficulty in installing the product, they can contact your company for assistance.

The success of any business largely depends on the quality of service.  A happy and satisfied customer will always be loyal and advertise for your company’s products for the great service. This can boost your company’s sales and accelerate its growth.

How to manage after sales service?

Annual Maintenance Contracts are common after sales practice in India. Besides, giving warranties on products is also an ideal option to build customer’s trust. Since customers buy a product keeping long-term use in mind, such services are highly valued by them. Apart from the above, you can have a system in place for long-term repairs.

Additionally, timely service, regular follow-ups, prompt response to customer’s queries can help you retain their trust. A company that is able to anticipate customer’s needs and be responsive towards them stands a better chance to gain a competitive edge.

How can we help?

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