Maier+Vidorno supports JUMO in India since 2008 with professional backoffice support for profitable business in India. The full operational support in order processing and logistics and warehouse coordination, finance and accounting as well as human resources and legal compliance – all crucial information is available through live SAP reporting and systems customized for JUMO in India.

I value the proactive and hands-on approach from Maier+Vidorno. We found with M+V the right partner to set up and grow our sales to a profitable organization in India.
Photo of Mr BeckerBjoern Becker, Export Sales, JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

JUMO GmbH & Co. KG aimed to build up a focused India-wide sales and service team in 2008. JUMO focused 100% on business development and sales of technological products in India’s competitive business environment. For all non-core backoffice processes JUMO needed a professional outsourcing solution: finance and accounting, sales order management and logistics, human resources and legal compliances.

Maier+Vidorno supported JUMO in India from day one in 2008 with recruitment of the right sales team and company formation of JUMO India Pvt. Ltd. All backoffice operations are professionally outsourced to M+V.

The big plus: Performance Reports in finance, order management and human resources measure the business performance regularly to define steps to improve the profitability, margins and delivery quality of JUMO business in India.

The cooperation of JUMO and Maier+Vidorno is a success story in India since 2008.
Our sales, market presence and profitability in India shows constant growth. M+V knows about the challenges foreign companies face while doing business in India – and provides hands-on solutions.
Photo of Mr BeckerBjörn Becker, Export Sales, JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

JUMO is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology. The innovative product range includes the entire measuring chain from sensors to automation solutions for temperature, pressure, liquid analysis, flow rate, filling level and humidity. JUMO India Pvt. Ltd. has been present in India since 2008 in 9 locations with its own sales & service team.

Maier+Vidorno Success in India

Maier+Vidorno’s India experts support foreign companies in India with Consulting and Outsourcing services – for their business success in India. Our experienced team in all business fields from finance, human resources, management, supply chain and SAP find a solution on how to set up and grow foreign businesses in India.