Is your talent equipped to sell in India?
Deepmala Datta - HR Consultant, Supporting International Companies

Deepmala Datta | HR Consultant, Supporting International Companies | Maier+Vidorno

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March 2020


Having the right set of talent for your organization is one of the essential factors for a successful business strategy anywhere in the world. COVID-19 made it even more critical. The success of your organization largely depends on the people you hire. Therefore, it is crucial to attract and retain top talent. People who are passionate and committed to the company’s vision are the best bet for making the enterprise grow.

Foreign Companies need the right people to Sell in India

If you are a foreign company ready to enter the Indian market, you must recruit the right talent to sell in India. They must possess the appropriate skills and knowledge to execute your business strategy, create value and grow business. It is vital that they understand the complexities of the Indian market and how to succeed in them. Besides, human resource management plays a crucial role in managing people efficiently. It not only ensures business performance but also promotes a healthy work environment

The right people need training and supportive policies

To equip your talent to sell in the Indian market, you can consider setting up an induction process wherein you can train your employees about your company, code of conduct, policies and procedures, etc. You can also conduct practical employee training and development programs. You can consider doing a regular performance evaluation of the employees to ensure that they meet the company expectations. You can also conduct a HR “health check” to ensure your HR systems help your team.

In today’s world, an effective talent strategy is “build, buy, borrow and bridge“. Build your talent in-house, buy skills where necessary, borrow from external sources and bridge talent from one role to another.

If you consider outsourcing HR solutions, Maier+Vidorno can help you manage your talent effectively and efficiently. We help new entrants grow in the Indian market with sales-people equipped to sell in India. Contact us to know more.