Guest author: Björn Becker | Business Development Manager | JUMO GmbH & Co. KG

Industrial automation is one of the largest growth markets worldwide. There is a rise in the demand for automation in various industries as awareness increases about the benefits of using advanced instrumentation technologies.

However, in the current automation scenario, islands of automation have created several challenges as the lack of integration has impacted on operational improvements. While developed countries have already started to focus on integration, the Indian manufacturing sector is still in the early stages of adoption of manufacturing solutions. As “India has the second largest pool of scientist and engineers in the world”, it seems that the lack of adoption is due to a gap in the suitability of existing technology to implement or adapt within the country.

In India, companies are using basic instruments in their processes, but not as a means to develop or excel, and the requirement for tools within India may be limited – and hence not be economically viable to support manufacture – unless export potential can be exploited. For that to happen, indigenous instrumentation has to be technically of highest level – better than is currently available.

In India, less than 1% of manufacturing GDP comes from automation and instrumentation, whereas in developed economies the percentage is closer to 5%. India needs to “go Global” and that is possible only with enhanced investment in automation – an area where companies like JUMO lead the growth.

JUMO is one of the leading manufacturers in the field of industrial sensor and automation technology. With a diverse portfolio of products, JUMO caters to all the technologically advanced industries where automation is an integral part of the process. Currently, our instrumentation plays a vital role in equipments which are used in pharmaceuticals, water & waste water, dairy, metal and wind power industry. Our innovative product range includes the entire measuring chain from sensors to automation solutions for temperature, pressure, liquid analysis, flow rate, level and humidity.

Our unique process control PLC mTron T will be introduced in India this year. JUMO mTRON T combines reliable data recording and an intuitive, easy-to operate process control system with a comprehensive automation solution.

As one of Europe’s leading instrumentation companies, we offer intelligent solutions based on innovative products and tailor-made services. In India, we would like to create opportunities for success through trusted and reliable partnerships with Indian industry.

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