India HR & India 4.0 Industry Update at VDMA 8th Summit

Industry 4.0 will be transformational and will have massive implications for all companies in India. Because of the change, everyone will need to redesign their business model & strategy and refocus on human capital & culture. How well are businesses in India prepared? What can you do?

Industry 4.0 opportunities

VDMA & Maier+Vidorno teamed up to ask German companies in India how they are preparing for this change in their Indian operations. Hence, we conducted in-depth discussions with 12 companies (component manufacturers, automotive, solution integrators and robotics, categorized as mid-to-large setups in India). In addition, These interviews showed us that there are clear actions you can take to ensure your company is making the most of Industry 4.0 opportunities rather than being overwhelmed.

Therefore, we present the findings at the VDMA Summit 2019 and got great feedback. So, if you would like to know what companies are doing – and what you can do, please download the report here.

Download Industry 4.0 Report

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    Transition to Industry 4.0 in India

    Maier+Vidorno’s Consultants understand what it takes to create successful and efficient organizations in India. Hence, we manage hundreds of employees (our own and our customers’ staff), and thousands of transactions. Moreover, our experts can help you not only identify risks your organization faces but also how to fix them.

    We can help you make an effective transition to industry 4.0 in India – so you can make most of the new opportunities. Contact us to know more.

    Glimpse of 8th VDMA Summit 2019

    The 8th VDMA Mechanical Engineering Summit was held on 6th September 2019 at Hotel Sheraton, Bangalore and was attended by around 250 people from various industrial segments.